About Me 

​My Name is Elaine Murdoch. I live just outside Castle Douglas along with my Husband and young son, our two terriers Stitch and Fell, Scruffy the cat and Shania my horse. I am a Holistic Therapist and animal communicator & healer.

I have always had a deep connection with animals and have always been drawn to healing. As a child I was brought up on the farm surrounded by animals, and would prefer to spend my time with them rather than being stuck in the house watching telly, unlike my older sister who wanted to be in the kitchen cooking or listening to music. I have always felt a sense of sadness and pain when the animals were sick or injured, but dismissed it thinking I was just being over sensitive. I now know that I really was feeling their pain or happiness.

I am qualified in HNC Countryside Recreation & Leisure Management and HNC Sheep Management, and spent a year in New Zealand working with animals such as sheep, cows, deer, pigs, horses and many more. On my travels I knew I wanted to work with animals I just didn’t know how. When I encountered Reiki Energy Healing I realised that my true path in life was in healing & communicating with animals.

I have gone on to do myTera-Mai Reiki Seichem course which allows me to work on a deeper level Spiritually than Reiki. The two are connected and allow me to assist the healing process.  My ultimate desire is to assist animals and their owners to face challenges head on and to strengthen the animal and human bond.

My Goal is to help animals to lead a more fulfilling life by communicating between people and there animals and to speed up the healing process….