What is an Animal Communicator?

An Animal Communicator is a Person who can hear and talk with animals: Horses, pets, rescue animals or wildlife.

Animal Communication is telepathic communication. It can also be described as deepened intuition. (Animals Communicate Telepathically with each other – they don’t only talk when they bark, neigh or meow etc.)

Communication with an animal can take many forms, some people experience on inner seeing, hearing, sensing or knowing. Others talk energetically, heart to heart while others “read the signs” of animal behaviour and health.

There is no right way to talk with animals. My success is using my abilities to sense, listen and talk heart to heart.

How can Animal Communication assist you?

Improve Quality of Life:

Reduce Stress of travelling, boarding, breeding, grooming, diet, surgery, trips to the vet, changes in environment or ownership.

Help Your Pet/Horse to Heal:

Help your pets/Horse to get better faster using animal communication or Reiki/Seichem or both together depending on their needs.


 Who benefits from an Animal Communication session?

People who want to create a healthier life for their animals and themselves!


Horse communication and horse healing work well together and horses and most other animals love the gentle energy of Reiki/Seichem. It is non-invasive and takes place during the communication.

Does your horse or pony have on going health or behavioural problems? (only a vet can diagnose and treat but advise can be given to help locate any issues)Are you at the stage where you don’t know what to do?

Are you ready to give up on your horse or riding? Or do you just want to know more about your horse and what he/she thinks? His/her likes and dislikes? This is where a communication can help it will not cure the problem but will put you on the right track to getting it sorted.

I can only tell you what your horse animal etc. tells me this is not my words but theirs. My communications are based on honesty, and I also send healing to any animal that needs it.











Animal Communication