During a Reiki Seichem session, the practitioner will gently lay their hands on or over a series of positions on the animal's body. These positions are based on the chakras, the subtle energy points of the body that connect the energy of the physical body with that of the subtle body. The patient's system then draws in only as much Reiki/Seichem energy as is needed, using it in the most appropriate way at that time.

A session can also be done from a distance if it is for an animal where physical contact is not an option, whether that is because the animal does not want to be touched, or cannot be accessed.

Sessions last 30-45 minutes, but allow up to 1 hour.




In person (D&G)


In person (not local)

£48+ (fuel costs will vary)

Phone Reading


Fuel prices for in person appointments outside of Dumfries and Galloway will be discussed at time of booking.

Group bookings and vouchers available. Get in touch to discuss.

I can also perform Seichem on owner at the same time as your pet if requested at time of booking.