JUNE 2012

Sam had started to pluck his fur out from his tail to the bottom of his rib cage, but his owner was unaware of why and didn't know what to do. Sam lives with another cat called Tilly. When I first started working with Sam he was very withdrawn and seemed unhappy so I offered him some Reiki in which he accepted, not a lot about 10 mins, but after one week he wasn't plucking as much. On my next visit Sam revealed that Tilly was bullying him as she was unhappy and taking it out on him. I then spoke with Tilly to diffuse the situation and discussed the problem with Sam's owner Andrea.

                                                                                                                             Andrea - "Sam has been more settled in himself and standing up to Tilly, he has gone back to sleeping on the bed and not plucking his fur. It has started to grow back slowly and his confidence has returned back to the old Sam. Great! Thanks very much"


Paula is a 5 year old Newfoundland​. She had problems with her ears and was sad and depressed when I first met her. She was very willing to receive Reiki for 20 mins. As I was working on her she started to release her thoughts of sadness and gave a big sigh half way through treatment to show she had let it all go.

Paula benefited from the treatment so much that her owner asked me to go back on several occasions to continue her release.


1st Session

"Paula was holding her head higher when going about and didn't take the huff the same. She was lighter in herself like a weight had been lifted. She slept for eight hours that night without moving. Great reaction."

2nd Session

​"Paula & Marlyn normally wait at Laineys door from the time she leaves them to the time she comes back but they have stopped doing that, they are more content in themselves. Progress being seen..."

 3rd Session

"Paula very chilled after her treatment hadn't moved all night she loves her treatments, and I am sure Paula knows when you are coming as she lies at the door waiting in anticipation"

​On Paula's last session I felt like all the tension had gone and she feels very light and fluffy in herself, no heat in her ears. I felt she has had enough Reiki and she was in a very good place, Happy, full of energy and love. She only required 15-20mins and then she moved away from me an indication she was fine and didn't require anymore she did thank me a very tearful session at the end as I will miss them. I feel like I have been on the most amazing journey with her and Marlyn amazing....


Marlyn (Mazzie) is a Newfoundland, Paula's daughter they both had there sessions on the same day. Mazzie watched her mother having her first session and when I asked if she would like some Reiki she wasn't for it. I did pick up that she was very shy and reserved a bit of a watcher not a doer. When I went back for Paula's next session Mazzie came to me at the end of Paula's session and happily received some Reiki as she has problems with her hips they become quite stiff when she gets up from lying down, I did pick up some heat in this area. I also was picking up that she just watched things from a far but really wanted to investigate things but didn't know how which was confirmed from Noeleen that Mazzie is always in the back ground when Paula is of investigating because Mazzie doesn't have the confidence.


1st Session

"You said Mazzie wanted to investigate but didn't know how to well on the last two walks she has chased rabbits which isn't maybe so good for her hips but she is being a dog at last.."

2nd Session

"Mazzie has been chasing cats after the 2nd session and is feeling good in herself"

3rd Session

"Mazzie is still investigating and chasing rabbits and Paula is not clingy as much"

On Mazzies last session she didn't need anymore Reiki she thanked me and said that she has been able to become a dog again and starting to enjoy her life and play and run she knows what playing with toys means. She is a much happier dog..


Shadow is 30yrs + young mare who suffers from Arthritis a very wise lady with lots of experience under her belt. I approached Shadow and asked if she would like some Reiki she accepted whilst eating her hay, the first thing I picked up on was, she is very happy and she commented there was life in the old girl yet, she did say that her arthritis is sore, some days are worse than others, she sometimes doesn't even notice it.

She was quite chilled throughout the session and said that she loves life as it is. There was a mention of a racehorse so I asked her owner who said that her great grandfather was an ex-racehorse which seemed bizarre that she would say this but I think she was just wanting to confirm that it was all coming from her(Shadow)... 

It was a pleasure to work with Shadow a very intelligent mare. Thanks


Tiger Lily is a Miniature Shetland who is in foal, she had a bit of an incident with some pups getting into her stable, this really upset her and her owner. Tiger Lily was very off with her owner for quite a few days and was very huffed to the point her owner asked me to speak with her. She never had any Reiki as it wasn't required so we just had a chat and her response was she thought she was doing the right thing by protecting her baby, as she is over protective of this one, because she has lost a baby before as I explained this to her owner I also had to explain to Tiger Lily that her owner was just protecting the pups so none of them would get hurt. At this point Tiger Lily started to relax and release her fears of losing her baby so I had to explain it wasn't anything that she had done that caused this and it was natures way. Tiger Lily mentioned the name Daisy which was the goat in the same stable but separated by a partition she said that Poppy the other goat was a bit grumpy with Daisy pushing her out the road and being very dominating, This was confirmed by their owner.

A few days later I received a call from the owner to confirm Tiger Lily had gone back to being her happy chilled out little self and to thank me for my help.  It was a Pleasure...

​March 2013

Mini the 4yr old Pomeranian lives in West Kilbride with another dog, cat and fish. She was a very anxious little dog when any strangers or family and friends came to her home she would bark for long periods of time and wouldn't settle very well, her owners were becoming concerned for her state of mind and asked me if I could help.

When I arrived Mini was barking quite a bit so I left her settle in her bed or should I say in the other dogs bed, she allowed me to get close to her and start the session. I was picking up that she wasn't able to focus properly and wasn't able to recognise people until they spoke she was also having problems with looking up as she was so tiny she couldn't physically lift her head that high she found feet distressing as they moved to fast. Throughout the session she released a lot of her anxiety's and her past life before she came to live with her present owners. Mini lived in a very isolated situation and was very pushed out and neglected unloved this is where most of her anxiety's have come from. She is such a loving little dog with owners whom adore her. As  the session finished she walked me out to the door and was very relaxed her owners were pleased with the session and how it had went and to have a reason why she reacted the way she did was what they wanted to hear.

1 Week later I did a follow up call to see how Mini was. The owners were over the moon she had settled a lot more wasn't barking and getting stressed when family and friends came to there home she was even getting closer to her family members sitting on there knees which she wouldn't have done before. The family are speaking to her as they come in so she recognises there voices which is helping a lot and slowing there feet movements down so she doesent become as stressed, overall her session had worked but they have asked if I could go back if and when they feel she needs another session and of course I have said if she needs me just to call I will be there. A very happy little dog and owners.